Mentoring Committee

Welcome, give assistance and mentor new city clerks and new members throughout the year along with planning activities for first time attendees at the spring institute.  Develop ways to welcome new members such as: contacting new members by phone or email periodically, along with creating and distributing welcome packets. Introduce them to MoCCFOA and what it has to offer. In conjunction with the Division Directors, work to inform them of and meet with them at various training sessions, meetings and conferences

Co-Chairs 2020-2021:
Corey Snead (Co-Chair),  Butler, [email protected]
Bev Baker (Co-Chair), Lamar, [email protected]


Cindy Bowman, Clarence, [email protected]

Christine Ellison, Monroe City, [email protected]

Bridget Epps, Hollister, [email protected]

Susan Flandermeyer, Concordia, [email protected]

Linda Haffecke, Huntsville, [email protected]

Deletra Hudson, Jennings, [email protected]

Justin Klocke, Manchester, [email protected]

 Belinda "Bimbi" Lopez, Fredericktown, [email protected]